Music for Use

Music for Use

The Listening List, Volume 1

Cooper Ottum

Current experiment: getting lasting value out of my Rdio account by creating "Listening Lists".

While the phrase invokes dread in current or past music history students across the nation, listening lists are really an integral part of learning about music. The idea that someone else chose the music (and that it's chosen because it's important and you should know it) is somewhat unique in contemporary music listening practice. Radio doesn't often do this for us anymore, and MTV certainly seems to refuse to do so. Maybe, like everything else, music discovery ought to become a social internet activity — maybe it's time for us to help each other learn about what's out there. 

I've made a "Listening List" for myself, and it's made up of albums that currently fascinate me.

It's not all "good", to be sure. But I'm sharing it here because I think it's worth your time and attention, even if you can give it only one listen. 

If you have Rdio, you can follow along here.